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You may not think much about the differences between paints that are used inside the house and those that are used outside the house. However, the fact is, on the shelves of a paint store, you would find two categories of paints designed to be used as interior and exterior paints. As a layman, it’s really hard to tell the differences as they look and feel the same, but there must be differences because exterior paints have to withstand and resist the elements. This article tries to highlight the differences between interior and exterior painting to allow readers to choose the right paint depending on the part of their house to be painted.

Interior paintings

Interior paints don’t have to worry about the elements like sun, snow, and rain, in addition to the winds. This means that there are changes in additives, pigments, solvents, and resins that are the main ingredients of any paint. There’s no danger of fading due to extreme temperature conditions, and there’s no danger of powdery mildew because the interiors of a home don’t face the kind of moisture that the exteriors are exposed to.

Interior paints are washable ​​to clean smudges and marks that accidentally apply, especially by small children and pets in the home. Interior paints contain less pigment as they do not fade due to adverse weather conditions. Interior paints are made in such a way that small paint errors remain hidden, especially roller and brush marks. They are also easy to clean and stain-resistant. One feature that makes indoor paints different from outdoor paints is that they can be cured without any exposure to sunlight.

Exterior paints

Color retention is the biggest challenge with exterior paints as they must withstand adverse weather conditions. They must resist fading and must be flexible to withstand the flexion and contraction that is common in open conditions outside the home.

Most exterior paints contain a powdery mildew-resistant coating to prevent the formation of powdery mildew due to moisture in the air that comes in contact with the paint surface. Another thing that exterior paints have is the presence of many types of fungicides, pesticides, and mildew ides. Exterior paints make very good use of sunlight to cure quickly. After all, they have to face and endure the torture of extreme temperatures later on.

What is the difference between interior and exterior painting?

The first factor that we can point out as a differential concerning painting walls inside and outside a property concerns the need for greater protection between one area and another. For example, the outside of a house, such as a façade and a hallway, is exposed to temperature variations. In addition, there is another type of wear that the walls suffer as a result of rain.

Therefore, it is quite common for external walls, especially when the correct paint is not used, to fade quickly and lose color. That said, it’s clear that the outer part must be given some special care, isn’t it?

And the way you paint the outside walls of your home will make all the difference in the final result and over time. After all, it will be necessary to protect the wall from the sun, the formation of mold, humidity, etc.

With this increased attention to the external area, it is worth saying that the internal environment must also be taken into account, and with the maximum possible zeal so that the painting is perfect.

Preparing the walls before painting, applying a sealing product, and if necessary, spackle, repairing the plumbing due to leaks and humidity, among other factors, are essential for a successful painting job. Although interior and exterior paints look similar, their chemical properties are very different as the exterior paint protects itself to withstand adverse weather conditions.

  • Heat and snow can cause exteriors to expand and contract, requiring paint flexion. This is not required for interior paints.
  • Exterior paints must be resistant to fading as they face very high temperatures while there is no such problem for interior paints
  • Interior paints need to be smudge-resistant and good brushes and roller marks
  • Exterior Paints need sunlight to cure while interior paints are cured without direct exposure to sunlight
  • Although interior painting can be applied, hiring professional painters is essential for the proper application of exterior paints.
  • Exterior paints contain many additives such as pesticides and fungicides while not in interior paints
  • More resins are used in exterior paints, tie pigments to help paint your color

By hiring the right painting contractor in Saskatoon, you can ben sure that the right product will be used for the right job. Many people have trusted companies like Aaron Timoffee Painting because he is a red seal, journeyman certified painter with decades of experience.

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